Ecommerce Strategy & Consultancy

We understand that engaging an agency as a new business partner forms part of a wider business strategy. We'll work alongside you and ensure that your new website and/or marketing strategy will enable you to both meet and surpass your business’s goals and ambitions.

How we do it

Analysis & Reporting

When it comes to analysing performance, reporting on the success of our services and offering insights to build your business on, we look at the big picture. We don’t just look at ‘what’ the results are, but ‘why’. Although a 500% return on investment might make some agencies think “let’s keep doing what we’re doing”, we think, could we achieve 600%? If so, how? We continually analyse our performance and don’t just react when things don’t go well. We are proactive in our approach and continually fine-tune the services we provide, as ‘best-practice’ can always be improved!

Business Strategy

To gain an in-depth understanding of your brand, customers’ needs and business goals, our digital consultants work with your team members to identify KPIs for further measurement and evaluation of what strategic, long-term online success looks like for your business. We priorities solutions and create a bespoke service that delivers maximum impact and effectiveness to suit your business’s budgets, resources and objectives.

Ecommerce Management

Failing to properly manage an ecommerce site can be costly, particularly if neglect results in downtime, technical faults, order-warehouse integration or pricing errors, as this can impact both immediate sales and customer loyalty. Unfortunately, taking the time to manage your site can also mean your team take time away from running the business. That’s why we manage all of this for our clients to ensure each site is performing to its best 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Training & Workshops

If we can teach you something new that will save you time and money, then we will! We encourage knowledge sharing both within our agency and with our clients. Every month we run multiple internal training sessions for all staff that our clients are welcome to attend. We also offer specialist private training across all our services for businesses and individuals to share our specialist knowledge. Our approach is hands-on and each course is designed especially for the participants to ensure that they leave with skills that can be applied from day one, not just knowledge.

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